Problems with Your Garage Doors

The garage door is opened and closed a number of times each day. With the passage of time, when the opening and closing of the garage door become hard and it shows signs of wear and tear which should be handled timely to keep it functional. If you experienced stuck, malfunctioned, or sagging garage door, you need to hire a professional and experienced garage door company like, garage door repair service in New Haven, CT to repair it. There are many types of garage doors available in the market and there are many problems that can happen. Here are a few of them.


Garage door remote no longer works: It could be a failure of garage door motor or the electrical circuit controlling it including the sensors and remote control. You should replace the batteries of the remote. If this trick does not work, then make sure that the garage door opener is plugged in properly. Modern garage door openers are best fixed by professional and trained experts who have the right experience and knowledge in this industry and will able to diagnose the faulty area and do repairs in the right way.

Bent garage door: Sometimes garage door gets dented by a car rolling into it or trying to close the garage door in a wrong way. The garage door may get stuck while opening or closing due to the dented tracks. Depending on the types of garage door, it may be possible for you to fix this issue. You should straighten the track to make them as good as new.  If garage door tracks or panels and badly damaged, replace them immediately.


Failed garage door mechanism: Garage door springs are used to counter the weight of the door. Sometime the tension of springs may lose or eventually break out. Replacing or fixing a torsion spring is the right job for professional technicians and can be dangerous if not handled properly. These springs are installed under a high amount of pressure and the garage door is counterbalanced by cables. The garage door can become functional by replacing the springs, cables, and adjusting the weight of the garage door. 

Garage door stuck on its tracks: Modern garage doors are installed with rollers running on the track to support the garage door while opening or closing. If garage door rollers get damaged then the door will not run easily. Good lubrication will work to fix the problem. Garage door rollers need to be freed and lubricated to keep running on the tracks. In case, the rollers get stuck and putting grease on the track will not work. If the rollers look rusted or damaged, they should be replaced immediately.

Jammed garage door locks: The locks are important but vulnerable components of a garage door. Spares locks are available for all types of garage doors which can be replaced to make your closed garage door safe and secure.