About Us

Welcome to Tami Boehmer!

In life, there are big challenges and unlikely situations that no one can avoid. While there are so many ways on how a person can vent out his or her emotions, writing is one of the considered most effective ones. When a person starts to translate his or her feelings to words that is when he or she is starting to understand everything in a deeper sense and in a different manner. Writing may seem to be old school but one cannot argue that this traditional method of understanding self-emotion is really useful.

One can write of her dreams, of her passion, of her identity and even of her secret. There is no limit when it comes to scribbling down words and thoughts that would serve as ones safe heaven. Everything can be written into words and most importantly, a person does not have to reserve a part of him or her in writing. He or she can be on his own and can be true with his or her thoughts. Hence, being true to himself is indeed attainable.

Tamiboehmer.com offers to be a free platform for anyone who wants to be free in expressing him or herself. Indeed, there are so many ways on how one person can do this.