What is this site for?

Temi Boehmer is an online platform where people can express their emotions through blogging and written amterials.

Is this free?

Yes! It’s totally free. This website is free of charge.

How do you maintain this site if it’s free?

We gain funds from the ads and donations to be able to maintain this site.

How do I subscribe to this site?

By clicking on the subscribe button, you will be able to receive the latest news and updates from our site.

Can I stop subscribing from your page?

Yes. You may request our page to stop from giving you regular updates if you wish to.

Can I buy materials and equipment for writing and blogging?

Yes. But links will redirect you to other stores’ website where you will be able to buy online.

What can I contribute to this page?

The comments and suggestions section is open for all for you to discuss matters in regards with the article or the site in general.

You can also submit an articles or media contents to our site related to blogging.